How It Works

Join the bike community that’s taking over the workout world. Starting at $39/MO, there is no better time to start than now. Order a bike or use your own with our LifeCycle membership, it’s never been easier to get a professional class-level workout in your own home.

Bring The Gym to Your Living Room

Get 24/7 access so you can do the workouts you want on your schedule. Join a class live or on demand.

Whether it’s a heart-thumping, sweat infused ride through the mountains, or a calming meditation by the shore, the LifeCycle program has you covered.

Lifecycle Bike

A heart-pumping cardio experience
Starting at


Pay monthly

$39 / mo

for 39 months

Lifecycle Premium Membership sold separately

Lifecycle Membership

Work our programs on your own equipment.
Pay monthly

$49 / Mo

Pay yearly

$499 / YR

Lifecycle Bike Plus Lifetime Membership

A heart-pumping cardio experience plus unlimited access to Lifecycle courses… forever.
Starting at


Pay monthly

$99 / mo

for 39 months

See The Savings

Not only is Lifecycle a world-class workout in your own home, but it can save you money too.

Average Gym
$1,206 / year
As low as $603 / year
$205 to start
As low as $49
$396+ / yr in misc expenses
As little as $0

Ready to Get Your Fit On?

With affordable financing plans, and group pricing, there is no better time to start than now with your Lifecycle journey.