How to Run a Self-Installation

Preparing your room for your new LifeCycle
Before starting the set up of your new LifeCycle, ensure you have enough space to lay out the pieces and start assembly. You will need about 5’ x 10’ (50 sq ft) to assemble your LifeCycle. If possible, place down a blanket or mat to capture any screws and bolts during the installation. Also remember, assembly is always more fun with a friend!

Building your LifeCycle
First begin by taking all pieces out of the box. Lay each piece next to the others, and place the screws and bolts into a small dish nearby. This will help keep each step separate and clear. Follow the instructions included with your LifeCycle box. MAKE SURE TO CHECK ORIENTATION OF PIECES BEFORE ASSEMBLY.

Downloading and Installing the LifeCycle App
Once your bike is fully assembled, navigate to the App store or Google store to download the LifeCycle app. After installation, you will be prompted to create a login using your email address and a password you choose. Once logged in, navigate to “Bike Connect” and use the code provided at the back of the manual to register & connect your bike. Once the registration is complete, a small tone should play from your bike and your phone (they harmonize!) to indicate the pairing is complete.

If you have any issues pairing your app & bike, please contact our customer service team for additional pairing techniques.

Congratulations! You’re ready to pedal into a new Life(cycle)!

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